Procedure to Complete NJMCDirect Payment Online

How hard is it to pay for a traffic ticket, I often thought. It must be easy, it is something almost everyone has got at one point or the other, and must be updated with time, at least that’s what I thought. Oh, how wrong I was.

I had to wake up early to look up courts near me to pay, look for directions, go to the court, and once there, I was shocked at the queue! I had to stand there for hours, waiting for my turn to come, and had to take time off work! I had never expected something this common to be so nightmare inducing. How great would it have been, if there was another way.

Well, if you are from New Jersey, you are in luck! You now don’t have to wait for long, as I once had to, but rather, you can pay your tickets from the convenience of your own home! Well, now it is possible due to a new measure by New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC), an online portal for traffic tickets and municipal complaints,

What is is a fast, easy, secure, and economical way in order to pay your traffic tickets from the convenience of your own home. You need a reliable internet connection and a device with a browser capable of opening

Then you need your ticket or challan, that will have your ticket number, a court ID, and a prefix. You also need your license plate number, as on your vehicle or driving license. Finally you need a method of online bill payment, a credit or debit card, Visa or Mastercard.

Using these three details, you can pay your ticket from anywhere, and at any time. None of your data is stored in the server for more than 90 days, and all the data is secure, and can only be seen by you and the NJ district court employees

How to Proceed For NJ Traffic Ticket Payment at NJMCDirect Portal

You can proceed with your NJMCDirect payment in these quick and easy steps:

  1. Open a browser ( Google chrome, Safari, Microsoft edge, Mozilla firefox etc.) on your device( Mobile or Laptop/ Chromebook/ PC)
  2. Then go to the official website for NJMCDirect payment portal at
  3. On the portal, you will find two options, traffic ticket, municipal complaint, Here we shall pay traffic ticket and select that
  4. Then enter the details: court ID/ name, ticket prefix, ticket number, and your license plate number on the corresponding text boxes
  5. Following that, click on continue
  6. Click on one of the two two options now, ‘View NJMCDirect Ticket’ to see your NJMC ticket, the amount payable, and all fees( including late fees) , or on ‘Process NJMCDirect Ticket’ to go to the next payment window
  7. Choose your mode of payment, credit or debit cards( Visa or Mastercard) to pay the fine, and then you will be redirected to your bank’s portal
  8. Fill out your card details, and click on continue. The payment will be made, and you will be redirected to the printable receipt which can be printed any day within the next 90 days, beyond which the data shall be removed from the servers

Note: While NJMCDirect is easy and convenient to use from anywhere and any device, a small transaction fee is charged of 3% per transaction. Further, the portal works only at fixed times of the day.The portal is active on Mondays to Thursdays at 4:30 AM – 11:15 PM (EST), Fridays at 4:30AM – 10:15PM (EST), Saturdays at 4:30AM – 3:15PM (EST), and Sundays at 1:00PM – 11:15PM (EST).

We hope you found this article useful and that this has helped you to complete NJMCDirect payment.

Why Good UI/UX Is Important For an Application?

There are millions of mobile apps in the app store today. Some have been successful, while others have had a hard time competing in the highly competitive app market, and they all have a great look and feel.

Many users look for apps that look and feel appealing when they use them. A visually engaging app usually results from a good user experience and user interface. When it comes to developing an app, the finest mobile app developers will tell you that user interface design (UX) is crucial because it is where your app’s success begins.

An excellent user interface will make your app instantly appealing, while an amazing user experience will leave a lasting impression on your users. Therefore, it is essential to get both rights if you want to be successful with your app.

 User Interface (UI)

UI stands for the user interface. It is the appearance of an application when a user interacts with it. The UI makes sure that the user can easily interact with the application. UI includes the design, graphics and presentation of the application. An effective user interface should be appealing to the users.

User Experience (UX)

User experience (UX) encompasses human feelings, perceptions, emotions, and preferences during and after using an application. The accessibility, integrity, and usability of an app contribute to a satisfying user experience. To create an effective UX design, you need to research the needs of your target audience thoroughly. 

Creating a user-friendly Ul/ UX design for an app is always a priority for most app owners. This requires thorough research work and planning in advance to understand the needs of your users and the problem you want to solve with your app. Regardless of your needs, you need to create a design that works. Mentioned below are a few reasons that suggest why you need a good design for your app;

  1. It increases customer satisfaction and hence ROI.

A good design provides your customers with engaging content and easy navigation. As a result, the consumer is happy with the services that your app provides. Satisfied customers will make sure to recommend your app to others. This leads to an increase in customers.  They also grow loyal to your brand and become repeat buyers, increasing ROI for your business.

  1. Helps you understand your audience.

Before you create a Ul/ UX, you need to understand the needs of your customers. So, this means that your design will be created with your target audience in mind. Your app will appeal to the audience you are developing it for. By understanding your audience, you can convert potential customers into loyal customers, increasing actual sales.

  1. Build your brand

Investing in a good Ui/ UX design helps increase customer satisfaction, leading to happy customers. They’ll be more inclined to bring out areas where you can improve your app, encouraging you to do so. This increases the credibility of your business as a customer builds a good relationship with your company and brand. The result is an increase in the value of your business and brand name.

  1. Save time and money

When you invest in an excellent Ui/ UX design, the chances of your customers having problems with your application are minimal. A perfect product does not require frequent upgrades and therefore saves you money and time that you would have spent on developing an update. Upgrades require some investment in terms of money and time. This means losses for your business.

A great user interface gives users a realistic feeling while using your app. It also provides them with a constant flow of relevant information. Your app will interest more and more users, which leads to natural traffic. This leads to a growth in conversion rates and hence the growth of your brand name.

Ramesh Gorjala – Deitie’s own painter

Ramesh Gorjala, the contemporary Indian artist, was born into a weaver family, and he learned art at a very young age from his uncle Kalamkari. He graduated from the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and the Fine Arts University of Hyderabad with a master’s degree in Fine Arts from this traditional manner.

His innovative work combines history and contemporary with a fresh approach to bring gods and goddesses to life. Ramesh Gorjala’s Paintings are unique in his presentation of the legendary figures of India, including Krishna, Vishnu, and Ganesha. His warm colours are set in the traditional Kalamkari art.

The vast bodies of these Hindu deities are filled with the canvas while their skin is the theatre for old stories, which are performed by beautifully painted personalities. The traditional Kalamkari procedure with a fine pen is noticeable in emphasizing block-printed colors, which he paints primarily in red, orange, brown, blue, and gold.

Ramesh Gorjala is a highly sought-after artist of international renown. Several large-scale works are permanently displayed at the International Hyderabad Airport and are held worldwide in notable collections. Ramesh Gorjala welcomes commissioned paintings requests. You can make a custom-designed painting and choose dimensions, color palette, and other characteristics if you prefer a picture that you sold or have a specific place in mind.

His work has been showcased in the prestigious  Gallery in Palo Alto(San Francisco Bay Area). All works of art are hand-signed and include an authenticity certificate. Since his boyhood, he has been a keen observer of art and the environment. As a child, he would observe the beautiful rites and deeply study both the sculptures of the temple and the events. Back home, he would wrap his mind in the art to create mythological stories with his hand.

The scriptures he read became the images he painted. Ramesh said, “I realized that a lot of painters earlier drew gods and goddesses when I started. So I began adding countless figures in the outlines of Hanuman or Krishna, combining several stories in the same frame”.

He has brought with him several legendary accounts intricately painted with characters comprising more than 50 pieces — paintings and wooden relief sculptures. The canvas of Vishnu includes ten avatars, including Matsya, Narasimha, Rama, and Krishna, Hanuman as Ram bhakt. Another canvas has Hanuman flying over Lanka to Sita to convey Lord Ram’s message.

The two brothers, Arjuna and Bheema, share a canvas with the tales of the courage of Arjuna and Bheem. Krishna and Radha chat with one other at work, and another one has Ganesha sitting at Lakshmi. The happy Kamadhenu is there also, flying over a toilet with fastened wings. Last year, after his political leader saw his art on a card, he had also created it for the wedding of Mohan, the son of the actor.

Gorjala also made a goddess for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gorjala described Kamadhenu as “a sign of prosperity, joy, and happiness,” The artist painted it on 6 by 3 ft linens for his work. A bachelor of fine arts of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad, Ramesh Gorjala, is specialized in complex and detailed mythical depictions of numerous Indian gods and deities. His style is a unique one in which he combines several figures in an integrated theme, all united to make Krishna, Hanuman, Vishnu, and Ganesha the great protagonist.

In 2000, he was awarded the Victoria Technical Institute (V.T.I.), Chennai, “Mahatma Gandhi Birth Centenary Memorial Award.” The State Award of the A.P. Crafts Council for the Year 2002 was also awarded to Ramesh. In the Tao Art Gallery, in Mumbai and at the exhibition Art in Action in London, he recently displayed his show. He is often legendary, such as Hanuman, Vishnu, etc, his subjects. With his work, he wants to showcase the famous history of Lord Vishnu and Buddha and wants to spread the positive message that their teachings have to give. 

Different Sectors of Economy: You Need To Know

Various everyday activities aim at generating income and are hence termed economic activities. These economic activities are broadly grouped into primary, secondary, tertiary activities. Higher services under tertiary activities are furthermore classified into quaternary and quinary activities. For a better understanding, one needs to rally through the different sectors of the economy. This makes it a much easier ordeal. 

Primary sector

This sector relies on the abundance of raw factors. These may range from wood to coal to iron and so on. The Primary sector is directly dependent on the environment and its essential utilities. There are references made to utilize the earth’s resources such as land, water, vegetation, minerals and so on.  building materials and minerals.

Other essential practices like hunting and gathering, pastoral activities, fishing, forestry, quarrying, agriculture, and mining are also under the primary sector. The primary industry contains both renewable and non-renewable sources, and the workers working in this sector are known as red collar workers, given the nature of their outdoor job. 

Secondary Activities or Secondary Sector

Secondary activities add an unprecedented amount of value to natural resources. This method pertains to altering raw materials into valuable products. Secondary activities and industries involve the complete transformation of the raw materials into finished goods. There has been a significant rise in this sector.

They are primarily concerned with manufacturing, processing and construction of industries that focus on industrialization. People engaged in secondary activities are popularly termed, blue-collar workers.

Tertiary Activities

Tertiary activities include both the cycles of production and exchange. This sector is the service sector and gives away direct services to its consumers. From services related to retails to transportation to hotels, everything is related to them. The workers here source out the best possible services and have an improved payment.

Also, they have flourished under the tourism and luxury goods sector. The production in tertiary activities involves the ‘provision’ of services that are ‘consumed. The workers under this sector are known as White-collar jobholders.

Quaternary Sector

An improvised form of the tertiary sector is the quaternary sector. There are services related to the known sector includes the demand the information-based services taking consultation from various sources and ranging from tax managers to software developers. The services available under the quaternary sectors are outsourced.

The workforce which is involved in this sector is typically very well educated and is thorough in their field of knowledge. They are also financially stable, given their involvement in this field. 

Quinary Sector

People working in this sector are termed, gold collar workers. There’s an interpretation of newer ideas, evaluation of new techniques and operation of more unique services. This field has a plethora of well-educated people ranging from scientists to government officials and so on. It contains people of high position and power who are capable of making Influential decisions. These decisions are primarily far-reaching and can change many things around us. 

Bamboo Diaper – An Organic Diaper With Multiple Health Benefits

There’s nothing maybe more important than diapers when it comes to toddlers. Parenting isn’t easy and that’s evident in the plethora of questions that are being asked these days about the generic diapers that are in constant use. There’s a slew of factors that goes into choosing the best diapers that keep your baby’s health as it’s the utmost priority. With the natural and organic items gaining global popularity, more and more parents are shifting towards bamboo diapers. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider shifting to the bamboo diapers as well:

  • A chemical and toxin gift to your loved ones :

Babies are the best gift to parents and it’s a fact that safeguarding them is any parent’s priority. Gone are the days when one had to worry about the toxins and chemicals that went into the baby’s soft bottoms. Bamboo diapers are free of dioxin, dye, phthalates and other such harsh chemicals. These chemicals present in generic disposable diapers posed an immense threat to the toddlers. For instance, Phthalates are known for their endocrine-disrupting properties and cause serious health hazards. Moreover, other chemicals may even trigger serious health ailments like cancer in the long run.

  • Gift your baby dry, rash bottoms:

Bamboo diapers are known for their absorbing capacities. They have a much higher absorption rate than cotton which is mostly used in other disposable diapers. More the absorbing capacity, more in the amount of liquid that is soaked in so that your baby’s neither reasons are dry and rash free. Bamboo diapers have a record of absorbing 70% more liquid than disposable diapers. Also, cause of such capacity of absorption they prevent the sagging which is often seen in their other counterparts hence ensuring hindrance free mobility to your babies without them whining or wiggling around out of discomfort.

  • Bamboo diapers are naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic.

Bamboo diapers are gifted with all these properties which ensure that there is no bacterial infection between your baby’s kicks, wiggles and squirms. With all these properties you can rest assured that your baby will get nothing but the best. Also, cause of the antibacterial properties, there’s a dramatic decrease in the amount of odour that’s formed. Also, the fabric is more breathable and is perfect for overly sensitive babies given their status of being anti-allergic.

  • Soft and comfy:

Believe it or not, bamboo diapers are even softer than other natural fabrics, like Hemp or Cotton. Bamboo is naturally porous, which helps with wicking moisture away from your baby’s skin, declaring it the perfect choice for toddlers given that they have incredibly sensitive skin.

  • Bamboo diapers are biodegradable:

Regular disposable diapers take about five centuries years to decompose. An immensely disturbing amount of carbon footprint is what is left behind. Switching to bamboo diapers is as easy as disposable diapers with the added benefit of emitting less of carbon footprint hazards. With a total time of about 75 days to decompose, these diapers are an eco-friendly way of preserving the earth for a greener future that benefits your upcoming generations.

  • Pamper your toddler with artificial silk:

For the baby’s soft skin, only tender materials must be allowed to come in contact. The bamboo diapers, also known as artificial silk, are incredibly soft and soothing on the toddler’s skin. The bamboo is a fast-growing plant in the grass family and is processed to be made into a fabric called the rayon fibre. Referred to as artificial silk, their gentle characteristics make them the ideal choice.

  •   A boon to the environment:

Bamboo is 100% sustainable and biodegradable, and being a natural fibre, they are environment friendly. Also, Bamboo grows without needing any chemical enhancers, such as pesticides, unlike cotton which in turn helps to reduce the CO2 gases, Bamboo is credited with the generation of up to 30% more oxygen than other trees. The bamboo plantation also produces greater biomass and enriches the soil by removing toxins. Bamboo benefits the land on which it grows as compared to cotton that does the opposite.

Create Free Online Kundli by DOB

Kundli is nothing but the Birth Chart of a person that reveals the position of planets in different zodiac signs. To know how your Kundli is working, your date of Birth is a mandatory thing. The birth chart of a person shows the movement or position of heavenly bodies concerning time. Knowing  Janam Kundli is much easier when you have details like Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and Time. Generally, Kundli is referred to know the life chart of a person and the future.

While people also use Kundli when they are trying to find a person match for a boy or girl. Though one can create free online Kundli by Date of Birth, you need an astrologer help for further details. Using Online services, you can only know the position of planets, but you may not be able to understand the position of planets. The planet movement will be drawn in a different format which only an astrologer can understand it. Here is how you can create free online Kundli by DOB.

To get started with Online Kundli, you need to visit any website that offers free Kundli check. One can know their birth chart details in English or Hindi languages. Give your name, gender, Date of Birth, time, place of Birth. Once you provide all the information, create your Free Kundli. Then the software shows all the details, including Janam Rashi, the position of planets, moon sign, Horoscope, and others. One can know the daily predictions that tell about health, personal life, emotions, job, travel, business, etc. With the Kundli chart, you can also analyze Kal sarpa dosa, Manglik Dosha, and other doshas.

If you are particular about wearing gemstones or rudraksha, Online Kundli can help you in suggesting the best ones matching your Janam Rashi. The Kundli Calculations offered by online portal will help you in knowing the astrological information, which means panchang details briefly. Even astrologers create free online Kundli by Date of Birth, but they can understand the positions of planets listed on the Natal Chart.

As the online software provided detailed information in their languages, it has become much easier for people to check their Kundli at home. The Kundli making software got huge craze in a short span due to the provision of accurate data and suggestions. To help people from various places, the software is now made available in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, Marathi and others. One can create free online Kundli by Date of Birth using Astrology apps available on the web. The free version of the Kundli apps will reveal limited information for the details entered.

Whereas the premium version will show the entire info about a person based on Date of Birth provided. All the data displayed by this software will be accurate only when you give the exact details of a person. Any mistakes in the facts will show the negative results and may not represent the Kundli of a particular person.

The online Kundli report will be nearly 40-50 page report and reveals all astrological details of a person. Knowing the Kundli of a person will provide insight into one’s life and covers the major aspects like health, job, business etc. Creating your Kundli is free, so one can know how your life would be in future using the online software. Our page serves you the best in knowing all the information related to your Kundli.

Don’t wait to visit an astrologer when you have multiple online services here. Know your Birth chart, Kundli Matching, Horoscope. Festival, Upvas, Shubh Muhurat, Daily panchang using free Online Kundli software today.

Jiffy Charge – Power Bank Sharing Service

Enjoy hassle-free mobile charging with Jiffy Charge now. India’s best power bank sharing service is live so you can quickly charge your mobile phone from anywhere all over India.

Out of battery issues will no longer bother you when you have the Jiffy Charge app installed on your Android or iOS device.

Battery draining issue sucks you when holding an important office or personal call. You can’t enter into someone’s house and ask for charging mobile. In such cases, Jiffy Charge is the only servo\ice that can favour you by providing a power bank. As the whole world is running on mobiles, the requirement of power bank has graphically increased. One can buy a power bank but can’t maintain it because one needs to charge regularly. At the same time, Jiffy offers you a fully loaded power bank at the preferred location at any time.

With Jiffy Charge, you can easily rent a product, charge your mobile on the go. The best option with this service is, you can return anywhere as per your preferences.

Why Jiffy Charge?

Most of the people used to carry power banks earlier, but today the scenario has completely changed. Holding those bulky devices and charging them regularly has become a burden to users. There will be no source to charge your mobile in remote areas or the times when your battery is about to die. In those circumstances, Jiffy Charge is the only power bank sharing service that can provide a fully charged charging device to charge your mobile. This app accesses your location and lets you know the nearest available charging stations and the pricing per hour. One can pick the power bank at any station and return it when you are done using at any other station. Without Jiffy, solving your battery issues at work areas will become a challenging task.

  • Easy access to any nearest power bank sharing station.
  • Rent quality and fully charged power banks at affordable prices.
  • One-click power bank sharing service with an easy return option.
  • Pick up and return at any station whichever is nearest.
  • Never carry a heavy power bank on your back when you have Jiffy Charge.
  • Provides pre-attached cable so that you need not worry about suitable charging wires.

How to choose the nearest Jiffy Charge Station?

Choosing a nearest power bank rental Station is easy once you download and install the Jiffy Charge app on your device. Make sure you check for the power bank stations before your device battery gets ultimately drains.

  • Once you open the Jiffy Charge application, the server will detect your location automatically.
  • Based on the location, it shows the nearest available Power bank sharing stations with jiffy icons.
  • Click on the Jiffy charge icon whichever is nearest to your location and click on the station to check the availabilities.
  • Then it shows the name of the power bank provider, type of chargers available, address to pick up, and timings.
  • You can pick it and return at any location whichever is nearest.

Jiffy Charge asks you to deposit some amount before booking not to let you worry about payment after usage. The deposit will be refunded if you don’t use the power bank service offered by Jiffy. One can get bonus amounts like rewards by participating in the referral program. The charges will be drawn based on the number of hours between pick up and return. One can pay the amounts using Credit/ debit cards, net banking, UPI, Mobile Wallets etc.