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N-56 is an independent business organisation whose aim is to support Scotland to become one of the top five wealthiest countries in the world. It aims to achieve this through promoting the introduction of a new economic strategy that will lead to stronger and more sustainable economic growth.



Fiscal Autonomy: An Opportunity Not a Threat

Invest for Growth

Oil & Gas: A Long-term Plan

Export Based Growth


N-56 provides a new forum for Scotland’s business community to work collaboratively with government and others throughout the country, delivering a more prosperous future for the whole of Scottish society through a new economic strategy.

Its aim is for Scotland to becomes one of the top five weathiest countries in the world.

Giles Hamilton, CEO of AccuNostics, comments on N-56 and its Scotland Means Business reports here.


Engage with Us

N-56 believes that the key to Scotland’s economic success is to foster a collaborative approach between the business community, government, public sector and wider society in establishing and implementing a new economic strategy.

To succeed in our aim of elevating Scotland to become one of the top five wealthiest countries in the world we need Scotland’s business leaders and others to share their skills, insight and experience to help us drive forward change, ensuring society as a whole can prosper.

If you share our vision and ambition for Scotland, or would simply like to learn more about the N-56 initiative and its work, please get in touch. 


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